Your ultimate guide to decluttering

Your Ultimate Guide to Decluttering

Decluttering before you move is a smart way to keep your removal costs down. This means there’s less to pack up and move, your move is more efficient and there’s less to organise once you’ve reached your new residence. It can take some time and commitment but a good declutter is worth considering before you …

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DIY Lighting Ideas that Actually Work

The interior design obsession of the 1990’s confirmed for us the importance of good lighting, or even designing a “lighting concept”. Ok, so that might be a bit far, but it is true that lighting can really make a difference to your home.  Sometimes the last thing on your checklist when decorating a new home, but once …

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How To Be Your Own Interior Designer

If your guilty pleasure is skimming through those swanky property magazines, sighing over eggshell paint and end tables, you might also be guilty of thinking that beautifully appointed interiors are only for the rich and famous. Ok, so you may never have those floor to ceiling warehouse windows, or a gold plated toilet. But even …

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Ideas for Packing a Priority Box

Everyone knows that even the best laid plans can’t contend with last minute changes, delays and set backs. Unfortunately, moving house is sometimes one such plan. No matter how organised you might be, it’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality. Even if you do manage to stay on schedule, there’s a possibility you might not …

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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has arrived, you’ve put away your winter coat, and lost the extra layers to welcome the sun back in. The flowers are coming back to life, the breeze is slowly turning warm, and things are looking good. Spring is a wonderful time of year—it’s the season of change, of renewal, and rejuvenation. It’s also …

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