How to Pack Clothes When Moving House

Anyone who’s ever moved house would likely agree that if you can afford to hire professionals, it’s usually worth investment. Whether if it’s removalists, end of lease cleaners, or a packing service, professionals reduce the amount of stress associated with moving day. Our packing service for example, saves our customers from countless hours of stress and frustration.

However, packing up your wardrobe can be quite personal, and you might not like the idea of a stranger handling your clothing. For these reasons, we’re excited to share our best tips for packing your favorite apparel. From dresses to sportswear, here’s how to pack clothes when moving house.

Group and sort clothes together

Grouping and sorting your clothes is the first step to smart packing. This will give you a chance to declutter, removing any clothes you haven’t worn for years (you know the one I’m talking about… that raggedy t-shirt from 2001).

Here’s how to categorise your wardrobe into groups.

Group by season

If it’s winter, you won’t be needing your summer clothes anytime soon, so pack them separately. On the other end of things, you won’t need to hunt through boxes of spring dresses, when all you’re really looking for is that puffer jacket.

Group by material

Sort the natural and cotton fabrics separately as these have a tendency to crease. If possible, place them on hangers with built-in racks. This will save you a whole lot of ironing time later on. Any polyester or synthetic fabrics won’t crease easily, so you can just fold and pack these into boxes.

Group by frequency of use

As you move homes, it’s easy to lose track of items before you get settled. So pack a seperate box of clothes you wear most. Keep these together for easy access for work, school, and daily life.

Ways to Pack

In addition to cardboard moving boxes, when it comes to packing your clothes, you’ve got a few options.

Use a wardrobe carton

A Porta-Robe-Box is a moving carton specifically for hanging clothing, ideal for keeping items as crease-free as possible. It’s a super simple way to pack, simply take the clothes already hanging in your wardrobe and transfer them straight to the wardrobe box with a built-in rack. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Light items like pillows or blankets can be put on the bottom of the wardrobe carton if there is extra space.

Keep clothes in the dresser

Dressers and drawers are natural containers for moving, even helping to remove the steps of packing and unpacking. Just be sure to notify your removalists ahead of time. Most likely, they’ll use saran wrap or special rubber bands to keep the drawers from sliding open during transport.

Use vacuum bags to save storage space

Vacuum bags are an efficient way to save space when packing clothes for longer periods of time. However, it’s important to know that not all clothes will store well. Items made from natural fibres need to ‘breathe’ to stay in good shape and wool even holds in some moisture. While it’s fine to transport natural fibres in vacuum bags while moving house, don’t leave them stored inside the bag for months.

Keep clothes smelling fresh

Lastly, keep clothes smelling fresh by adding a small bag of powdered fabric conditioner or scented drawer liners to any moving boxes.

Reuse suitcases and backpacks

It’s always a smart idea to make the most of the space you already have. Hard luggage is especially useful for packing clothing, and the rolling technique will make the most of the limited space. It works well for t-shirts, blouses, underwear and pants.

This article was written in conjunction with Calgary handyman company FT Property Services Inc.