When’s the Best Time to Move House?

Figuring out when is the best time to move houses is not an easy task. There are so many factors you need to consider and some of them are completely out of your control. Whether you’re moving within the same suburb or moving to a different state, you’ll need to put some careful thought into the timing of your move.

Here are some factors you might want to consider:

Pick your season

Depending on where you live, the season might have an impact on your move. Perhaps Winter is too cold and blustery to consider spending a lot of time outside and with the house opened up to the elements. Summer too might be far too hot for unloading heavy items and spending time outside in the sweltering heat. Choose a time of year when you’ll be most comfortable.

You might also want to consider the demand for removalists and packers at different times of the year. The busiest time of year to move is during Summer, so you may want to avoid a move during this time if you can. This will ensure the best availability for your moving professionals.

School holidays or not?

This one will depend on your personal circumstances and whether or not you have kids. Those with school-aged children may choose to move during the school holidays so as not to interrupt the flow of the school term. This might also be a great choice if your children will need to change schools, meaning they can start afresh at a new school for the beginning of the next term.

Some people with children, moving during school term might be easier. If it’s easy enough for you to take time off work on a weekday, moving while the children are at school can really help with the logistics.

The school holiday period can also have an impact on your move if you live in a popular holiday destination, or if there will be a change in traffic conditions in the area you’re moving.

Go for a weekday

There’s less demand for removalists and packers on a weekday, so this can be a great choice if you can make it work for you. Most people choose to move on weekends when they are not at work or school, so there’s always much more demand on these days.

Weekdays are often quieter, particularly in suburban areas. It can be easier for removalist trucks to find a parking spot and you may have better access to other service providers you’ll need during your move.

Work commitments

It’s not always easy to organise, but try to aim your move for a time when you won’t be too busy at work. Obviously, you can’t always predict these times but it is possible for some professions and industries. For example, if you’re an accountant you’ll want to avoid moving during the end of the financial year period. If you’re a teacher, you might choose to move over the long Summer break when you won’t be at work.

Moving house can be stressful and certainly takes up a lot of your time so ensure you’ll be able to take ample time away from work to do it.

Lease and settlement dates

The timing of your move is sometimes beyond your control. More often than not the timing of your move will be decided by the ending of your current lease or the settlement date for your new property. In these cases, you just need to roll with it. The good thing though is that you should know these dates well in advance so you can start organising your move as soon as possible.

Time of day

The best time of day to move is the morning, but you might not always get to choose. Most removalists and packers will want to arrive early in the morning so they can get to work as soon as possible. This also gives you a good chance of completing your move in one day (or most of it anyway). The last thing you want to have to do is to leave items across two properties at the end of the day.

Knowing when the best time is to move can be difficult. You will need to consider your work and family committments, the weather and season, and lease and settlements dates. And, sometimes, you won’t get to choose the timing of your move at all.

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This article was written in conjunction with Calgary handyman T jays New Beginnings.