Can you Hire Professional Packers

If you’re just about to move house you might be wondering what you can do to make the process easier for you. There’s so much to organise, it’s hard to get it all done – packing items, cleaning your old property, organising babysitters and pet minders, getting your items to your new place, cancelling and reconnecting services and unpacking once you get there.

Thankfully there are services you can utilise to help lighten the load and one of these services is professional packers like that offered by Hire a Packer.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring professional packers for your move:

Saves you time

How long does it take you to individually wrap items and place them into boxes? You can bet it’s much slower than a professional packer can do it.

While every property is different, as a general rule 2 Hire a Packer staff can pack 4-5 boxes per hour. This equates to approximately 30-40 boxes over a 4-hour period. This usually equates to the kitchen and 1-2 other rooms. If you’ve got more items to pack, 3 Hire a Packer staff can pack 60-80 boxes which typically includes the kitchen and 3-4 other rooms.

Professional packers work much quicker than you can, leaving you free to attend to other tasks you just can’t delegate to anyone else.

Peace of mind

Hiring professional packers means you don’t have to worry about the quality of the packing job. When you rely on well-meaning friends and family to help you out you may not feel at ease about the safety of your items, not to mention that there probably won’t be any consistency between the way each person packs.

Professional packers are just that: professional. You can rest assured the job is getting done efficiently and effectively. Professionals know how to best stack items into a box to make the most of the space, and they’ll label everything correctly so you know where it is when you get to your new place, leaving you free to get on with the rest of the work of moving.

Less breakages

When professionals pack your items, there’s less likely to be breakages. Professional packers are experts in wrapping items correctly to ensure they stay safe during your move. At Hire a Packer, all items will be bubble or paper wrapped for maximum protection and grouped together by room and clearly labelled in boxes for quick, easy moving and unpacking. This reduces the likelihood of damage to your items and the stress of having to clean up and replace whatever gets broken when you pack yourself.

Saves you energy

Packing items is not only time consuming, it can also be quite physically exerting. Hiring professional packers to do the job for you saves you energy you can better use elsewhere – such as cleaning your property or taking care of your kids and animals. Hiring professionals is a great idea for those who are not physically able to pack their own items as well as for those who would rather spend their energy on something else.

Pack or unpack

Already got the packing sorted yourself? What about getting some help with the unpacking instead? Hire a Packer offer both packing and unpacking as a service to help you get into your new house even quicker. Utilise one or both of the services to treat yourself to an easy move.

Once you hire professional packers to help you with your move, all you need to organise is packing materials and movers. And we can help you with that too.

The Hire Group can take care of your complete moving and relocation needs, from packing and unpacking to moving, boxes and packing supplies. We make your move easy with our friendly single point of contact. Our team at Hire a Mover can get your items to your new place, and Hire A Box can supply you with all the packing materials you’ll need. Not moving straight into your new place? Hire Storage can now help with your short or long term storage needs as well.

Relocating can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but hiring professionals to help you can make a huge difference. If you’re looking for a flexible and professional packing and unpacking service tailored for you, get a quote online or give us a call on 1300 366 522.