Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has arrived, you’ve put away your winter coat, and lost the extra layers to welcome the sun back in. The flowers are coming back to life, the breeze is slowly turning warm, and things are looking good. Spring is a wonderful time of year—it’s the season of change, of renewal, and rejuvenation.

It’s also a great time to give your home a clean, and wipe away all the dust, and the cobwebs. There are few things as satisfying as a good spring clean, and at Hire a Packer, we know how to keep organised.

Here’s a short checklist we’ve collected to kick start your clean. Remember to tackle one item at a time, and reward yourself after each one!

  1. Put your winter clothes into storage.

This is often the first item on the list. Once it starts to warm up, your wardrobe is due for an overhaul—you won’t be needing those chunky winter jackets, or any loose, soft sweaters (one thing that’s always difficult to say goodbye to) for a while!

This is also a good time to completely reassess your wardrobe, and to sort through your clothes to see what needs to be saved, and what could probably be tossed or donated.

Go through your clothes and try to clear away the things you know you haven’t worn in a while, things that might be worn out (faded, torn, or no longer a good fit), and set them aside. If you no longer have a use for them, get rid of them! There’s no better feeling than that of a recently-spruced closet!

  1. Flip your mattress (and get some new sheets!)

According to Martha Stewart, mattresses should ideally be flipped four times a year. Not only is this good for your back, but it ultimately gives your mattress a longer life, and keeps it from wearing. This is important, as mattresses can be pricey, and you want yours to last as long as possible!

  1. Deep clean your bathroom.

Change out your shower liner, and pay close attention to all that grout, and hard-to-reach mould growing in your shower. Give your bath a good scrub, and your floors a good mop. This is also a great chance to go through all the products currently in your cabinets. Throw away out-of-date products, and get rid of those empty shampoo bottles still living in the back of your shower! Switch out what kind of body wash or soap you’re using for a seasonal change, and consider replacing your loofah!

  1. Sort through your kitchen.

Our pantries often become a storage unit for forgotten cans and sauces. Some products simply get pushed to the back of the shelf until we forget we even have them and they reach their expiration date. Go through your pantry and toss out anything that has reached its used-by date, or consider donating the things that haven’t, that you can’t see yourself using in your cooking!

Go through your fridge while you’re at it, and toss out any empty (or almost empty) bottles or jars. Throw away expired frozen foods living at the back of your freezer, and re-arrange your shelves to create some organisation—you’ll be surprised by how cathartic a clean fridge can sometimes be!

  1. Dust everything!

..and make sure you open your windows before you start! Take a feather duster to everything you can reach, even your blinds, and the tops of your windows! Make sure you dust the tops of your cabinets, wardrobes, and mirrors—as well as display surfaces, and the very back of your desk. Dust collects everywhere, and the sooner you clear it away, the better!

  1. Clean your windows.

It’s going into summer, and you’re going to want to have your windows open to make the most of it! Clean off both sides to really let the sunshine in, and don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars on a glass cleaner you know is a decent product. A clean window can make a world of difference!

Make sure you work through every item on this checklist, as well as a few additional ones of your own! Once you’re done, you can officially sit back, and enjoy these last few weeks of cold, because you’ve earned it! Make sure to rope in some help if you can, whether it’s a friend, partner, or roommate—because tackling this alone can be difficult.

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